Saturday, 5 May 2012

Progress? (Day 161)

Been away in chilly Canberra (Minus 3) this week so had an interesting week with two emails from PD basically on the same day to say our SS has moved on to another role with PD and our 1st inspection prior to PCI was being targetted for May 25th, around 3 weeks time.
Been trying to get an on site inspection for over 2 weeks but that is proving a challenge, but today in luck with both the security gates and front door unlocked, making sure when I left they were locked......
From what I can see they have been working on the bathroom tiling in the main, although we can see work in preparation for rendering and splashback installed.

Splashback - Snuggle Pie

Tiles - Mocha

Kids Ensuite # 2

Kids shower # 2

Kids Ensuite # 3

Storeroom not so sure they are supposed to stick out so much on the left,
need to get my measuring tape!!!!!

Terrace with railing installed  

Half wall between dining room and lounge painted in Creole. Looks better in the flesh than photos

Better picture of the Creole paint

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