Saturday, 5 May 2012

Progress? (Day 161)

Been away in chilly Canberra (Minus 3) this week so had an interesting week with two emails from PD basically on the same day to say our SS has moved on to another role with PD and our 1st inspection prior to PCI was being targetted for May 25th, around 3 weeks time.
Been trying to get an on site inspection for over 2 weeks but that is proving a challenge, but today in luck with both the security gates and front door unlocked, making sure when I left they were locked......
From what I can see they have been working on the bathroom tiling in the main, although we can see work in preparation for rendering and splashback installed.

Splashback - Snuggle Pie

Tiles - Mocha

Kids Ensuite # 2

Kids shower # 2

Kids Ensuite # 3

Storeroom not so sure they are supposed to stick out so much on the left,
need to get my measuring tape!!!!!

Terrace with railing installed  

Half wall between dining room and lounge painted in Creole. Looks better in the flesh than photos

Better picture of the Creole paint

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Locked Out (Day 155)

Been away interstate so I was told both painting and tiling was currently being performed, as the house is at lock up and not able to organise a view time had a walk round the block peering in the windows.
Can see lots of small items requiring rectification and lots of pools of water around the block.
Can see internal painting has progressed along with some shelves installed.
Front - south
Side - West

Front yard - very wet

Waiting on finalisation of retaining wall next to garage and connection of downpipe to resolve pools of water lying around
Garage - including pools of water

Laundry - note cupboard on left now has shelves installed
Looking toward galley
Galley - shelves not requested above
Awaiting infill above door
Awaiting fill in expansion joint
Familiy room - hard to pick walls have been painted but they have photos do not do justice

Awaiting infill above doors

Awaiting infill above doors
Awaiting infill above doors
Lots of water lying around garage floor

Half wall between dining room and lounge
Kitchen, awaiting resolution of fridge cavity issue

Kitchen benches
Awaiting staining of study windows - east side
Marks and slight wood damage on study windows south side
 Scalfolding left on block next door still to be picked up, rest went a couple of weeks ago.
Paiting still to be completed under balcony at front

Telstra junction box installed

Wires for fuse box to be located inside garage.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Brick Cleaning (Day 144)

Lower bricks cleaned today & painting prep continues.
Bricks = Kooyong
Timber stain windows = Rosewood
Render colour will be = Snuggle Pie
Colorbond roof, gutters, fascia,downpipes and meter box = Woodland Grey
Window still to be stained
Rear, power cable for spa

Coniston facade still be rendered
 Facade still to be rendered
Our pond
Notice plastic wrap inside the rooms ready for painting.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Internal painting (Day 143)

Have not put up an update for while as we have had to move as our rental had been sold so have been waiting weeks for the internet to come back on after the move.
In the last few weeks happy with the progress & we are now had the FIXING invoice and internal painting has commenced.
In short since our last post downpipes have been installed, garage roof installed, meter box moved (and rebricked), scalfolding removed, stairs installed and internal doors hung as the main highlights.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Painting (Day 120)

Not much action last 7 days from the outside eaves painted, some brickwork in the garage and windows being stained.
Had expected downpipes would have been done by now for example.
Although we had our rental sold we we have bene focused on getting another short term rental which we got with less than 2 weeks to spare b4 we were living in a caravan or worse....
Eaves painted in "white"

Evidence of some more brickwork, fresh cement......

Some additional brickwork in the garage

Eaves painted

"Rosewood" stain south windows

"Rosewood"stain side front window